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Odin Technology

Odin Technology – Chinese Leading Provider of Integrated Digital & Intelligent Education Solutions.

Odin Technology is a high-tech company specializing in digitalization and intelligent products/services for the education sector. As a pioneering provider of educational digitalization solutions, Odin also holds a leading position in intelligent manufacturing capabilities.

We offer comprehensive digital transformation solutions for future campuses, including our flagship e-blackboard teaching hardware, software products, and intelligent systems. Our core digital teaching products, led by the e-blackboard, have ranked among the top three in domestic market share for many consecutive years. Our e-blackboard and other products/solutions have been successfully deployed in over 50,000 educational institutions, creating 450,000 digital classrooms that serve over 8 million professional users across more than 60 countries and regions worldwide.


Our Best Product

Odin Collab-board

The Odin Collab-board is a multifunctional device that integrates the capabilities of a projector, computer, whiteboard, TV, and display into one sleek unit. It is designed to enhance office productivity and streamline collaborative efforts across various team sizes and environments.

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Interactive Recording Digital Classroom

The Interactive Recording Digital Classroom by Odin harnesses the power of interactive technology to transform the educational landscape. This innovative solution seamlessly integrates remote interactivity with high-quality lecture capture capabilities, allowing for the flexible deployment of interactive systems in various physical classrooms. It facilitates real-time audio-visual teaching interactions across multiple classrooms, captures the entire teaching process in high fidelity, and supports the development of educational resources within the school’s infrastructure.

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Three in One Model

The Smart e-Blackboard products launched by Odin in China. It can support normal writing with ordinary chalk, dust-free chalk and various liquid pen. It not only realizes the chalk writing function of ordinary blackboard, full-bonding screen also provides HD display and smooth touch control, including playing teaching coursewares, videos, pictures, animations, taking annotations and other rich multimedia teaching functions.

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Trailblazing Journey in Educational Digitalization

Established in 2000 as an early mover, Odin Technology has been blazing trails in educational digitalization across China for over two decades. This trailblazing journey has enabled the company to amass extensive experience, deep insights, and unparalleled expertise in this rapidly evolving domain, cementing their position as a trusted leader and visionary innovator.

Trailblazing Journey in Educational Digitalization

Cutting-Edge Technological Prowess

As a technology-driven companyOdin Technology steadfastly

Robust Intelligent Manufacturing Capabilities

Widespread Market Presence and Acceptance

Innovations Shaping Smart Education Standards

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Classroom digital upgrade

Our latest news

Latest News

Odin Launches All-Scenario Digital Classroom Solution

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What Our Client Say

Mr. Janis Lagzdkalns Marupe State
Gymnasium Principal

As a result of the cooperation, we have purchased several ODIN glass eblackboards with an interactive display for Marupe State ...

Guntars Skudra Municipality of Ķekava county Head of Information Technology of the Administrative Board

Our supplier recommended the latest technology solutions (ODIN e-blackboard). Good service quality, fast and responsive service and knowledgeable sellers.

Mr. Martins Egle Municipality of Rezekne region Head of the Education and Sports Administration

ODIN and their partner provided professional advice, offering the best solution for the educational institutions of Rezekne region ...

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First of all, the multi-touch function is not applicable to XP and IOS systems. For the WIN7 system, multi-touch function is only available forhome premium version or above no matter it’s an external computer or a built-in one. (Windows7 Professional Edition and Ultimate Edition are recommended).

Our Project Cases

Project Cases

Shanghai Jiao Tong University

Shanghai Jiao Tong University “Shanghai Jiao Tong University has incorporated our e-blackboard into their educational framework to support the institution’s reputation for excellence in research

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Nanjing Foreign Language School

Nanjing Foreign Language School “The Nanjing Foreign Language School has equipped its classrooms with our e-blackboard to enrich the teaching of multiple languages. The e-blackboard’s

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